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The 3 Types Of Content You Need To Create To Grow Your Brand

Embrace these three content trends to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

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BY Tanya Mariano - 18 Apr 2017

types of content

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

For a lot of entrepreneurs, especially those that are just starting out, trying out new marketing channels can be scary. 

Writes Solomon Thimothy, president of integrated marketing solutions firm OneIMS, in this Inc. article, “When it comes to growing their brand, many entrepreneurs tend to go for the safe solution. I sympathize with this, as it's difficult to hand over your first hard-earned dollars to ‘try’ something that hasn't even been proven to work… When I first started my business, I tried to save as much as I could, not knowing what the next day would bring.”

“However, I've learned that missing out because of fear is not a good excuse,” he says. And in today’s digital landscape, growing your brand means embracing several trends. According to Thimothy, one way to make sure you thrive is by tapping these three types of content: video, thought leadership, and social.



Creating video content may have been cumbersome in the past, but today, anyone with just a smartphone can create compelling material.

“Video drives engagement. Plain and simple. It’s not just about ‘tell’ anymore, it’s ‘show and tell,’” says Randy McGraw, co-founder and director of Altus Digital Capital, a private equity firm that’s focused on Southeast Asia’s emerging markets.

“Global consumers and ASEAN consumers in particular have been subjected for so long to outrageous product claims, asymmetric information access, and other thought maladies that social and digital combined is the place where authenticity and trustworthiness can be anchored. Community is likewise a big component of social media that wraps this in [a] bow for brands.”


Thought Leadership

Says Thimothy, “Forget about the days where you could be incognito. Today it's all about getting your name out there and demonstrating your knowledge and expertise.”

There are several ways to do this, like writing articles and sharing them on platforms such as Medium or LinkedIn, contributing to relevant publications, or speaking at industry events.

However you choose to do it, sharing your two cents not only helps grow your industry’s body of knowledge, but also lends credence to your brand.


Social Content

Social media has become such an integral part of contemporary life that the question of whether businesses should be harnessing it or not is a no-brainer.

But many are reluctant to invest time and money on social channels, says Thimothy, mainly because it can be difficult to track direct ROI from these activities.

“Still, social media legitimizes your business and gives you that social proof that many prospective customers need to become a real customer.”

Many successful brands in Southeast Asia are doing this well. Malaysia’s AirAsia has high engagement on social media channels, as does ride-hailing platform Grab. Shopee, the e-commerce platform from Singapore-based Garena, even has separate Facebook pages for the different countries they operate in.

Writes Thimothy, “If you want to amplify your brand, it's time to embrace the latest channels and vehicles. You'll be surprised how much you learn about your customers just by doing so.”

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