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3 Reasons Asian Entrepreneurs Need More Sleep

It may be time to reassess your bedtime habits

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BY Marishka M. Cabrera - 09 May 2018

3 Reasons Asian Entrepreneurs Need More Sleep

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Sleep is for the weak, most go-getting entrepreneurs will say. After all, with the myriad of things on your plate how can one afford to snooze?

But whether you like it or not you need to slow down and give your body a chance to recharge or else it may cause damage to your work.

Here are three signs that you need to take a break and get a good night’s sleep.

1. You doze off at work

This one is pretty obvious. Frequent yawning while at your desk doesn’t exactly inspire your team to be energized and creative. Don't ignore the signals your body is telling you. The human body is not built to run like machines, after all.

John Thornton, director of talent at Bangkok-based WorkVenture, says he can easily tell if his team didn’t get enough sleep the night before because of telltale signs like yawning or mood changes.

“I make a point of asking my team if they got enough sleep the night before or what time they went to bed. This isn't meant to come across as intrusive into their personal life, but it is a genuine and serious concern for their health and work,” Thornton says. “Personally my work suffers, I become lethargic towards the end of the day and less approachable to my team.”

2. You argue more

Lack of sleep adversely affects your mood, causing you to become irritable and stressed. You may find yourself arguing with your colleagues more. Wanda Thibodeaux writes in her Inc. article that sleep deprivation might reduce impulse control, making it harder for you to respond with politeness or think before you blurt out something that can get you into trouble.

For Mohammed Malik, general manager of a SaaS company in the Philippines, humans inherently are wired to work through the biological clock. “The chemicals and hormones in your body are awake when there’s sun up and they go to sleep at night… If you ever try to work on half a night’s sleep, you’re usually not that productive or you’re cranky,” he says in this Inc. Southeast Asia article.

So for the sake of maintaining healthy relationships at work, get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep.

3. You make poor decisions

 “I've noticed as I got older that sleep has been become more and more imperative. The signs are clearly visible as it affects my body and performance,” Thornton says.

Sleep plays a role in thinking and learning. Thibodeaux writes, “Lack of sleep affects the brain's ability to process information and focus well. That, combined with poor emotional regulation, can translate to poor judgment and making decisions without taking a look at data properly.”

Thibodeaux cites a 2009 study published in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine that found that the performance of the sleep deprived group declined by 2.4% in tasks that required quick decision-making. The rested group improved their performance by 4.3%.

Don’t let that investor presentation keep you up all night. Or at least try not to.

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